Month: August, 2012

A Chemical Meaning

Lately in my studies I have discovered some ritual reports which read just like trip reports. This is no surprise because I have also found that in many of these ritual reports it includes what their ‘Holy Eucharist’ of choice was. This is usually LSD, MDMA, or Psilocybin mushrooms. In this post I will discuss my thoughts on using drugs for their state altering effects and how they are useful tools for someone who may have never accessed those parts of ego eradication.

To be honest, my views on this topic were not well put together before I began this post. I can safely say that while I believe that everyone should trip at least a few times in the course of their lives, I do not recommend using these drugs to alter a state that would already be altered if the drugs were not present. However, the main tenant of our great system and paradigm already constitutes that we are able at anytime to do anything we want. This includes the taking of any drugs our little hearts desire. Now, before, I said that I believe this is a useful tool for people who have never felt ego eradication before. I believe this is a very useful experience when beginning ritual magick. If you have not had a hallucinogenic trip induced by a hallucinatory agent, then don’t go out and grab your nearest bag of mushrooms and do them now. This is surely to cause one to trail off onto one side far too much… the much horrified ‘bad trip’. When we ingest these hallucinogens they cause certain parts of our brain to respond with varying amounts of neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters either fire rapidly or the parts of the brain that recycle the neurotransmitter gets plugged- that is a huge amount of a single neurotransmitter floods the brain and causes multiple reactions. Taking hallucinogenic drugs is no joke- they are powerful and are to be respected. These chemicals help us attune to states of consciousness that shut down anxiety and pain causing centers of the brain: an altered state of consciousness in which the ego is nill. This is the reason that ritual magick works- you destroy the other active parts of your mind and therefore lets every single neuron fire in succession and accordance with your will.


The Problems of Work

It is a strange world, here and now, today. I see people from every racial demographic, religion, country of origin, social class, and moral and ethical understanding every single day. These people bustle around me doing their jobs, just as I am doing mine. I often contemplate why these people are doing the work that I wish I was and should be doing.

In the early past, we have decided that instead of building a house for yourself or growing and harvesting crops to eat, that we would rather try to become rich so that we do not have to do those things. The industrial revolution gave rise to the countries biggest downfall: our own environment. We no longer care about where our food is coming from, what chemicals are treating it, what is in the wax coating that coats the vegetables…we have more important things to think about. This is just bullshit. Here we are: the poor class. The student class. Most people. And we are starving. Not necessarily for food, but for something more then working for this elite upper class to drink from golden chalices and sit upon golden latrines.

When Meditation and Yoga Does Not Produce Expected Results

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