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Before a reading please take the time to contemplate your questions. One of my goals as a reader is to provide as concise information as I possibly can. The better prepared you are will make it very easy for me to help you.

Every reader has his or her own practice and set of goals for a session, but I like to at least include the following information and service:

Ground yourself- Grounding is an important technique used to connect you to the universal flow of all energy, and helps rid oneself of negative thoughts and energy. It removes anxiety and puts the client in a conscience reverie that helps relax the mind, body, and spirit.
Introduce Yourself- If you are a new client, I like to take some time to establish who you are as a person and what you are going through. This helps me make the best assumptions as to what the cards are saying about your particular situation. It is also nice to get to know one another, as we will be working at achieving goals together!
Questions/ Situations- We will then address the things in ones life that are at a need of looking at. We must decide what our focus in a reading is- Usually we do this by deciding what we don’t know, that we would like to. This will lead us to our main questions. Next, we must look at something fascinating- Why are these my questions? This isn’t your topical question that can be answered by “Because I don’t know”. We have to look at the reasons why we don’t know these questions and the fact that maybe there is a good reason. Usually, its that it is waiting on an action from us in order for the event to take place. We can look at the reading and see the best course of action to take.
Revising questions/ finding a focus- Before the reading can take place, we must have our questions in order. There may be questions that arise during the reading that can be answered, but there should be a solid foundation of what we will be working on.
Timeline of life- In order to best assist you, we should also set a timeline in place- an amount of time that we are allowing the reading to operate in.
The reading- When it is time for the main event, the actual reading

We will work together to find motivations, mantras, focus, and any cathartic (Aha!) moments.