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Omega Institute for Holistic Studies


nbsp;                Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.

     Greetings and 93!
     I have felt very uneasy about posting anything about my experience until now. I am officially on staff at the Omega Institute for Holistic Studies in Rhinebeck, NY. I am working in the Cafe as a cook, and I am a member of the Peace Guild, which will be starting June 4th. The time here so far has been quite interesting, yet because it is so interesting I have had a hard time coming to terms with actually posting anything about it. It has been said that this place has a certain energy, and those that say this are correct. This energy is magickal and beautiful, and I wanted to make sure that by writing something about the experiences that it wouldn’t taint them, or destroy their occult nature in some way.
     The fashion of learning comes in many ways. Mostly classes and discussions have been the core of my learning, but work provides many opportunities as well. My first look into what Omega was all about was a Shamanic Journey into the abyss of the subtle energy fields of our minds and what surrounds us physically. Shamanism is much about nature and its teaching, and it allows us to experience nature in our minds. It allows us to more fully explore our divinity through communication with divinity, or the Source. This Source I speak of can be modified for those of any spiritual path or religion. I expect most of those who are reading this blog to be fairly involved and decided in what pantheon and paradigm you choose to operate in.
     The Shaman decided that he would begin to drum, and we would enter our reveries and begin to enter the Astral Realm. This realm is of the mind- it does not exist in space as we know it, yet it seems to overlay that space, having only minor properties of the ‘original’ reality, or that reality which we operate in day to day life. I began to drift upward, and I found myself in a large field, and in the middle of the field was a giant tree. I immediately felt a connection to this tree. I found myself in love with this tree, in pure awe and appreciation of its existence. I then realized that I actually was the tree. I felt the energy fields of my body begin to radiate around me, and I felt my existence and physical form grow to encompass the large branches and leaves, as well as the inexplicable root system below. The roots below me began pulsing with energy, consuming raw matter and converting it to a format easy for my soul to digest. I was filled with this divine light of energy plant food- I was high as fuck to be honest. This kind of energy has a way of lifting you so high that when you are let back down, all you want to do is ascend again and again, higher and higher.
     The drumming did stop. The Shaman informed us that he had been drumming for 8 minutes, yet it felt like only a second that I was able to fully realized the energy structure of my tree being-ness. This one second of full realization was all I needed to be sold on the ways of riding the drum- a term used in shamanism to understand the feeling of ascending with a beat, almost about or on the beat. He began again, this time with the intention of finding an animal, or an animal spirit to cling to. This was our chance to find an animal that we could speak with and be with and love, and it could also serve as a message to us in real life. This means that if our spirit animal is a hummingbird, that we might feel an even greater connection with a hummingbird in the physical world. It might show us the way or even remind us to look inward as well as outward for answers, and whenever you see the hummingbird images are instantly conjured of your shamanic journeys, and it should ground, center, and inspire you. Therefore, finding a spirit animal is important work beginning in shamanism.
     The reverie was much easier to assume this time, as the energy I had felt within the Astral was still pulsing through me. I entered the same sort of area that I was at in the first reverie, yet it was much darker this time. Not necessarily in light, but in the feel of the world, and the beings that inhabited it. This was a world that was full of powerful beings and it was demanding respect from every entity within it. I could almost feel the presence of other human consciousnesses within the sphere, once again feeling that the space exist as an overlap of our mortal coil. I began to move through the area, controlling my surroundings by pushing my own consciousness further into the Astral Realm. Visions began to take over, and I saw my own physical body erupting with snakes, becoming snakes. As my fingers and forearms began to turn to the heads of a purple black serpent, they helixed up my arms and onto my shoulders, and then again in this cyclical nature down my spine. As their heads hit this bottom area of my chakras, they bursted forth in two white hot beams of light, again spiraling up my spine, once again turning into the serpents head, only it was almost as large as my own, dominating most of my body, and it poked its head through the top of mine, and I, my consciousness as the serpent, spiraled into light, nothingness, and the macrocosm as energy together. I had pierced into something, and I couldn’t really contain my enthusiasm. I was completely blissed out, in divine trance. This wasn’t exactly what I was expecting to come from such a simple journey, but not only had I found my spirit animal, but it itself had empowered me with its blessing, its properties and energy. I really felt compelled to perform ritual magick, and so when this journey ended, I politely excused myself from the class. I needed to ride the waves, and I performed Liber Resh and Star Ruby on repeat, followed by some vibrations of god names and mantra. Breath was controlled at all times. I’m not sure whether to share such information here or not…
This was a beautiful journey, and I am truly thankful for being in a place that has allowed me to take such journeys, but this was only the story of one. I have had many experiences since then, and I shall save them for another time.


Tree of Life Spread



Vision of the Veil – An Essay on Personal Future-Potential

I have a feeling that one day I will know the truth and that all things, even shadow shall become apparent.

This is a sacred and beautiful thing to behold. Every time that I have a vision or I enter a trance, it becomes deeper and more intense. The enigmatic and spontaneous whirlwind that encompasses my spirit becomes less tame, and incredibly more tangible. I feel as if I wrested into mental action my archetypal ideas within my being being formally laid out and unveiled within my frame of reason and current personal paradigm.

Theses visions are true, and they are the mystery that cannot me solved unless thyself is solvent… Forever permeating the quantum interspace between all matter that was once, is, and shall become energy simultaneously.

The prescient, the hollow sight of the coming bliss of action and contraction, retention and pervasiveness.

Has one felt the true beauty of god, that is the transmutation of your human being into being? This is pure being; being-ness.This is the truth and the form-potential. As one we can be all, 0=1, and this is the knowledge we must absolutely lose ourselves within.

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