The mission of this blog is to promulgate Thelema and all other methods of Ascension (or Samaddhi or Attainment of Knowledge of the Holy Guardian Angel).


The other aim of this blog is to share the technology of ceremonial magick and Thelema with a crowd that may not be used to using spiritual technology in their lives. I am 24 years old, and I have many friends who grew up with parents who were already failing to go to church every weekend, or share spirituality with their children- their children being my friends. I even have a few friends who are devout atheist, one of whom actually has the universal symbol for atheism tattooed upon his back.

I want everyone to know, no matter their age, that this path is something that has value for everyone. The side purpose of L.V.X. Vitae being to show the new comer how to begin their magickal studies.


This FAQ is not going to be a rehash of Aleister Crowley’s life, his personal life, or even the events leading up to the writing of Liber AL. I am in no way connected to the Golden Dawn, the Ordo Templi Orientis, or the A .’A .’.. I am not going to display my grade in a sign to signify my level of never having officially received promotion for anything that I did even though it was aligning myself further to the magickal path.
While I believe that every society and cabal that teaches magickal theory and practice is of some importance because people like to get together- they like to talk and be social about what they believe and think. I also think that someone observing and testing your progress will be beneficial to some, but I do not think that this kind of ‘test’ of our own self realizations is defining.

I have a problem with the definition of my ‘level’ of awareness. This reminds me of Scientology imparticular (a topic I will discuss ad nauseum later in this post).