I, Frater Grant of Grant’s Esoterica, idealize a business that has great and lasting potential. As an innovator and visionary, my goal is to promulgate my mission through as much of the niche market as possible in order to share my knowledge and perspective. In five years Grant’s Esoterica will have published books, decks, and instructional videos, blogs, classes, and vlogs.
     With an ever increasing amount of experience, certifications, and professional coaching there will be a major flux of other services offered.

     In order to fulfill my desire to enlighten as much of humanity as possible, I feel a personal calling to offer my services. As a tarot reader, my psychic and intuitive gifts help to interpret the deepest meanings from these windows into the nucleus of the universe.
     Providing clients clear and concise answers and advice, as well as a focus on areas to be drawn to, are things I strive for in every single session. I provide my clients with a safe atmosphere by allowing ‘check-in’s’ , being 100% confidential, and always professional.