Tarot readings can be delivered in any format. Please email me for any personal requests. The most popular option is through Skype, yet other popular formats include phone calls, in person, a write-up of the reading with pictures, etc.

If you wish to contact me for a reading, please text or call 727-282-3407. You may also reach me by email at fratergrant@gmail.com.

Grant’s Estoterica accepts PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Personal Check, Money Order, or a Bank Fund Transfer. If you are going to have an in person reading, you may pay by swiping your card at the time of the reading. All payments must be made prior to the reading, with tips accepted afterwards. Please email me to schedule your reading and arrange payment.
You may also pay by phone at 727-282-3407.



30 minutes – $50*

60 minutes – $80*

90 minutes – $100*

15 minutes – $20**

*These readings are general in that we my address any question, problem, or situation. Before your appointment spend some time contemplating your goals and questions for the readings. Also, visit my section titled ‘Before a Tarot Session’ for more advice on getting the most from your reading. You may split your reading into two sessions for anything longer than 30 minutes. I do suggests that you split your readings into multiple sessions for the most in self growth.
**This is a 15 minute quick check-in. This is for those who want a very quick reading, have a very quick and concise question, or for those who have had sessions and need clarification or deeper understanding. These quick check ins are a great way to find direction if you are between sessions as well.


These readings are highly specialized towards certain situations in life. I use a large number of cards and we can arrive at an understanding.

Romantic Relations Reading – $80 – 15 Cards – 60 Minutes
In this session we will look into a multitude of happenings surrounding your current love life.

Life Purpose and Happiness Fulfillment – $100 – 20 Cards – 60 Minutes
In this session we will discover the best way to follow our own personal true will. We will also look at the easiest and most beautiful path to fulfillment. Remember: There is no way to happiness! Happiness is the way!

Money, Finance, and Success – $55 – 8 Cards – 30 Minutes
We all need guidance in our careers and with money issues from time to time. Take advantage of the insight this spread can offer you with toward your material matters.


LIFE GOALS – 3 to 6 Sessions – 3 Hours – $150
Used for guidance in achieving any goal.

Enhancing Personal Power – 3 to 6 Sessions – 3 Hours – $150
Looking at old habits and eradicating them.

These sessions may be delivered in person, over the phone, through skype, or as a video ONLY.

BASIC OVERVIEW – 90 Minutes – $150

A BRIEF HISTORY OF TAROT – 60 Minutes – $100

THOTH, RIDER WAITE, and MARSEILLES – 120 Minutes – $150

SPREAD TUTOR – $50/30 Minutes – $80/60 Minutes



Parties, Events, and Group Readings are also available. Please contact me at fratergrant@gmail.com for inquiries into these special events.